DANA Properties, HOA Mismanagement

DANA Properties, HOA Mismanagement.
Bianca Romero, DANA Properties, Inc. Association Manager, "managing" Annual Meeting of the Association March 7, 2023.

DANA Properties is located at 6201 Escondido Drive El Paso, Texas 79912-1947, with the listed telephone number of 915-581-0900. Their business model appears to be acting as hired thugs for HOA Boards in Texas and New Mexico. I am interested in information from other homeowner or condominium associations regarding wrongdoing or negligence by DANA Properties in its operations. This includes information about its owner, Sheldon Wheeler, Association Manager Bianca Romero and Association Manager Sema Gonzalez.

Sheldon Wheeler, Owner - DANA Properties, Inc.
Sheldon Wheeler, Owner - DANA Properties, Inc.
Bianca Romero, Association Manager - DANA Properties, Inc.
Bianca Romero, Association Manager - DANA Properties, Inc.
Sema Gonzalez, Association Manager - DANA Properties, Inc.
Sema Gonzalez, Association Manager - DANA Properties, Inc.

The Dark Side of Association Management: A Corrupt HOA Board and their Thuggish Management Company

In the picturesque suburban haven of Santa Teresa, New Mexico lies a hidden tale of corruption that has left some residents shocked and appalled. The story revolves around the El Mirador Homeowner Association's corrupt Board of Directors hiring an association management company, DANA Properties, Inc., to act as bullies against association members.

The Problem

Instead of serving the best interests of their community, the El Mirador subdivision's HOA Board has 'hired' DANA Properties with what can best be described as dubious intentions. This association management company is being used as a tool to intimidate and harass specific homeowners at the direction of one or more Board members, as well as others who dare to voice their concerns or challenge the board's decisions.

The Role of HOAs

Homeowner associations can play a vital role in maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of a community. They manage common areas, enforce community rules and regulations, and collect dues to fund necessary services. Ideally, HOAs should be transparent and accountable, working collaboratively with homeowners to create a harmonious living environment. However, when a board of directors loses sight of these principles, it can lead to significant problems.

The Tactics

The behavior and actions of DANA Properties regarding the El Mirador subdivision paint a disturbing picture. This management company has resorted to tactics reminiscent of thuggery, including:

    Bullying and Intimidation: Homeowners who voice concerns or question the actions of the board are subjected to bullying and intimidation tactics by DANA Properties. This includes threats of legal action, fines, and other punitive measures.
    Selective Enforcement: The rules and regulations of the Association are selectively enforced, targeting homeowners who are seen as a threat to the board's control. This creates a hostile environment for one family, and fosters an environment of fear and uncertainty within the community.
    Lack of Transparency: Transparency is a cornerstone of effective HOA management. However, DANA Properties and the Association's Board operate in secrecy, making it difficult for residents to access information about the Association's financials and decision-making processes.
    Conflict of Interest: There are concerns that some board members have directed DANA Properties to hire an unsuitable contractor, creating a conflict of interest that compromises the best interests of the community.